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Birth Control has never been easier.All thanks to Phexxi Gel which just got approved.We all know that there are a lot of birth control methods which span from use of oral contraceptives, vaginal rings, IUD’s(Intra-uterine devices) to use of condoms. But these methods come with various side effects which may or may not be severe, some of which include blood clotting,weight gain, mood swings and also increased incidence to cancers.Then there goes Phexxi, what is Phexxi gel?

Phexxi is a prescriptive contraceptive gel that is free of hormones.That is, it’s mechanism of action is not based on hormone action. It was approved by FDA on May 22,2020. It is made up of lactic acid, citric acid and potassium bitrartrate. It is the first non-hormonal contrceptive gel for the prevention of pregnancy. It was previously known as ‘Amphora’.

Phexxi gel is used as a birth control method for the prevention of pregnancies. It is a vaginal pH regulator which demonstrates it’s distinction from other traditional birth control methods.
The normal vaginal environment practically is acidic which does not give room for unhealthy bacterial and fungal invasion.This pH is said to be within the range of 3.8 – 4.5 which is also hostile to sperm cells.What phexxi actually does is to maintain the vaginal pH within that range so that it is unwelcoming to sperm cells and with this, sperm cells are unable to pass through the vagina.This will eventually prevent the occurrence of pregnancy.

It is a prescription gel which has a high efficiency rate of about 86% ,but it’s to be used before sexual intercourse (emphasis on ‘before’ ). It comes with an applicator and has a duration of 60 minutes (equivalent to an hour) before it wears off.
It can be used alone or together with condoms and IUD’s, just in case you want to increase it’s efficacy .It’s important to note that FDA doesn’t approve it’s use together with vaginal rings. Mind you, phexxi gel is not effective when used after sex and cannot help in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). It cannot be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

As said earlier, it is non-hormonal and because of this, it can be used at any particular stage of the menstrual cycle, after miscarriage, etc. It doesn’t alter the hormonal system of the reproductive region unlike oral contraceptives.

As an FDA approved product, it is safe for use on demand (prescription).Although its likely that some persons might experience some side effects when using this gel such as
• Painful urination
• Vaginal Itching/burning/discharge
• Possibility of Urinary Tract Infections as well as bacterial/fungal infections.