Learners Guide To Purchasing The Right Strap-On Harness

Learners Guide To Purchasing The Right Strap-On Harness

Learners Guide To Purchasing The Right Strap-On Harness


First and most importantly: Finding a suitable harness design

Some of the most popular reasons why people want to purchase a strap-on include use in lesbian relationships, packing, pegging, and also for couples who wish to prolong penetrative sex when the male partner has erectile dysfunction. There are many other reasons why you may want to get a strap-on harness, so it is vital that you identify the primary reason why you need to make the purchase before you head to the store.

We all have different requirements which mean our priorities will be different thus thought priority will help you decide what kind of harness is best for you. For example, if I need a parking harness, the first thing that I must consider is comfort and discretion. Whereas someone who wants to use a harness for pegging purpose will be more concerned about is level of versatility and sexiness.

Think about what your requirements are so that you can quickly narrow down the available options and make the right pick.

Here is a list of the most common strap-on styles

Thong style harness: If you are considering simplicity then the thong style harness is one of the simplest available designs and it’s also one of the most affordable to purchase. The thing style harness is usually made up of two tiny strips of material that is never thicker than 0.5 or 2 inches, so it’s comfortable. While one strip is designed to buckle around the wearer’s waist, the other strip will loop in-between the wearer’s legs connecting the front and back sides of the harness. The second loop is designed to rest in your vagina, vulva, and anus.

Make the purchase if: You are on a tight budget as these kind of harnesses are usually the cheapest and most affordable. They are also adjustable to fit people of different sizes, so it’s a good choice of though would like to share with your partner. Even if you are looking to show plenty of flesh to stimulate your partner, this harness provides that skin exposure.

Do not purchase if: You are looking for a harness that you can put on for an extended period and if you would also like access to your genitals while you have it on. Bear in mind that the looping strap in going to pass through the line of your buttocks so unless it’s made of a soft material, you have to deal with chaffing and discomfort. Your genitals will also be covered to an extent so you might not get the kind of access you want, so it’s not ideal if you are considering packing. It is also essential to know that this style if strap-on a little less balance thus you may not be able to get full control of its movement while thrusting

The jockstrap harness: This is another style of harness that is easy to use. The jockstrap harness is made up of three strips of materials; one of the strips buckle around the wearer’s waist, and the two remaining straps loop between the legs of the wearer also the same way the thong harness does. The difference between the thong harness and the Jock strap harness is that the former covers the genitals while the latter’s other two straps make a loop that sits at either side of the groin, running along the sides of the wearer’s bikini line.

The straps loop underneath the wearer’s buttocks and form an angle up the sides of the wearer’s tights where they eventually make a connection with the waist buckle.

Make the purchase if: you must make contact with your genitals during strap-on use. The good thing about this design of strap-on is that it leaves the anus, vulva, and vagina open as well as the wearer’s buttocks. The Jock style harness is a trendy and favorite choice for many harness users, and it’s lovely for balance during penetrative sex when compared to some other styles of harnesses.

Avoid if: you can’t afford to waste time. The Jock style harness is one pattern of strap-on that takes time to put on, and that wouldn’t work if time is of the essence to you. However, do not let this discourage you if this is your first time because the Jock strap harness is still one of the best options for beginners and it’s comfortable too.

Underwear or lingerie style harness: This style of harness looks like standard underwear, and it’s made from a stretchy cloth material. All you have to do is put them in like you would put on your underwear without having to waste any time buckling and hooking like in the case the Jock style harness. There are various styles of underwear and lingerie harness to choose from so if you would prefer a lacy thong, a boxer short, or a bikini style, be rest assured they are available.

Make the purchase if: Ease of you and comfort is of importance to you. Because they do not have straps or buckles, you don’t have to bother about chaffing or other forms of discomfort — another pro of getting this style of harness if that you can leave it on for an extended period of time and it wouldn’t take more than a second to take it off or put it on.

Do not purchase if: You do not have time for a high maintenance harness. You will need to dedicate some time for extra aftercare because this kind of harness requires hand washing and even seeing flat. If you would like an adjustable harness, then you might want to avoid this because the max it can go is about two or three size increments. Lingerie harnesses will also cover your genitals but if you go for one with a lighter material you might be able to get fingered or enjoy the use of a vibrator through the light fabric.

Strapless strap-on harness: This kind of strap-on is nothing like the others we have discussed. Imagine a completely hands-free and strapless double ended dildo. This dildo is designed with a bulbous end that would be inserted into the wearer’s vagina, and the device will be held in place with the wearer’s pelvic floor muscles. The other end of the device will protrude between the wearer’s legs so it can be used on the partner.

Purchase this harness if: you are looking to experience mutual pleasure. The wearer will be pleasured with some internal simulations when the bulbous end is inserted. If you are trying to get yourself to squirt, then this harness would work well for you as most of the stimulation will be focused on your G-SPOT. However, the specific area of stimulation will vary according to product and wearer. For people who want a more realistic feeling during sex with a harness, this works pretty well. With the absence of buckles and hooks, all you see when you look down is a false penis, and that makes you feel very confident. Some products of this kind of strap on have the vibrating feature so you and your partner can have a mutual orgasm and enjoy the process.

Do not make the purchase if: you have a sensitive vagina or vulva because though have experience some grinding and bumping inside of you while you work on your partner. Also, note that a strapless harness would require some amount of muscle control even though the bulbous end might be big enough to hold it in place. If you do not like to feel every exhausted, you might have to stay away from this strap-on because you would most likely feel like though have done some workout after every session with it.

Other types of harness

For people who are looking to experiment with more specialist harnesses, you can play with any of the ones below:

Thigh harnesses: You can already guess what the features of this harness are from its name. This harness if strapped around the thigh which allows your partner to sit on this knees to enjoy deep penetration.

Face strap-on: If you are a fan of facesitting then you might want to try this one out. This kind of dildo has since variations, but the general idea is a dildo that comes with a stray that sits around the wearer’s head and allows a dildo to protrude from the chin, mouth, or forehead.

The hollow penis extender strap-on: This strap-on is created to have a hollow sheath through which a man can insert his own penis. The purchase of this is to allow the man to penetrate his partner with the sheath. People with erectile dysfunction or men dealing with premature ejaculation world find this harness very useful.

The dual home strap-on: If you are one of those people who enjoy double penetration then this strain strap-on is perfect for you. The front panel of this harness had two holes that allow a man to insert his penis through one and a dildo through the other. A lesbian can also insert two dildos in the holes to achieve double penetration.

Consider how to attach the dildo to this harness

Now that you know the variety of harnesses available, the best thing you want to do is consider how to attach your dildo to the harness. The versatile type of harness available in the market is the interchangeable o-ring type. This kind of strap-on harness comes with about two stretchy silicone or rubber rings. These rubber rings are where you insert your dildo before you proceed to attach it to the harness. Not all O-ring harnesses have that interchangeable O-ring because since are sewn into the strap-on material. For those that come with interchangeable O-rings, you can quickly get O-ring from a store separately.

Another option you have is the popular Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Harness. These come with a square plate where a Sinai rigid plug protrudes from. The plug is designed to fit easily into any dildo that is Vac U lock compatible. There are various Vac U lock compatible dildos that have been produced by Doc Johnson so you can easily select one. The Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Harness only works with Doc Johnson Vac U Lock compatible dildos.

Another easy method of attaching a dildo to a harness is the obvious hole in the front panel style. Harnesses usually either a hole you can quickly tighten on a stretchy hold that holds the dildo in place for you. This method will only allow for a tiny variation in the sizes of dildos.

Sizing option

Once you have thought about your requirement and found the right harness that would work, the next thing you should put into consideration is sizing. Before you purchase your harness ensure to check for the product description so you know if it can be adjusted. Those harnesses that come with buckles and straps are usually easy to fix this almost anyone can use them. When the harness is adjustable, you can easily share it with your partner instead of buying an extra one.

Material and style

Now that you have decided what you want from a harness and you already know what kind you would instead choose, you can proceed to consider what material and style you would like. It is important to note that certain materials used in making harnesses are not breathable and could cause sweating and discomfort. PVC and latex are some of the none-breathable materials used even though they can look very sexy on the wearer. Every material will also need some aftercare, so you have to consider that. It could be hand washing or a simple wipe down. Some harnesses may be more demanding when it comes to aftercare, but if you can dedicate some time to handling them properly, they could Last long for you.

You are now set to hit the market in search of the right harness. Look sexy and have fun.

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