An Exhaustive Guide For First Time Dildo Shopping

An Exhaustive Guide For First Time Dildo Shopping

An Exhaustive Guide For First Time Dildo Shopping


An Exhaustive Guide For First Time Dildo Shopping: Everybody is getting a dildo, do I require one as well? This is an inquiry most women ask themselves when they initially acknowledge sex toys are a genuine thing individuals put resources into. Particularly on the off chance that you are one of the gigantic rates of ladies who can’t get a climax from penetrative sex alone; you could conceivably not see the intrigue. You may appreciate engaging in sexual relations with your accomplice and still not get a climax, that would mean you just get excited by the association you both offer and that excessively is flawlessly OK.

Let’s be realistic; a dildo wouldn’t replicate that thrust that can only be controlled by his hips and those hungry looking eyes that pierce your soul every time he looks at you while he in deep inside can’t be replaced. However, even though you may miss the breathless growl in your ears, you still want your clitoris stimulated and somewhere deep down you still want to squirt as you’ve seen on TV.

Some ladies have chosen to use vibrating sex toys for a long time because of the way these toys can efficiently stimulate their clitoris at different sorts speeds and frequencies creating unique sensations that only a few men know how to build. This intense satisfaction they derive from the use of vibrating sex toys would make it difficult for them and other women to invest in a dildo because they feel it might not provide the satisfaction they crave.

The first time you try a dildo, you might not reach an orgasm because there’s no vibration or you haven’t mastered the right technics to get yourself to that point, but one thing I can guarantee is that you will discover a new planet of sexual pleasure and you would want more of it in a short while.

Did you know using a dildo could help you discover your G-SPOT and even learn how to squirt ( You know you want to)? Someone once said she experienced her first blended orgasm when she combined the use of a dildo with a clitoral vibrator. The point here is that the dildo will teach you about more about your body and what kind of stimulations you would enjoy. When you learn these things, you can then show them to your partner and change your sexual experience forever.

Dildo Shopping

A lot of females have no idea how versatile the dildo can be. The shapes, materials, sizes, and texture have an impact on the feeling you would get when you use your dildo. The question now is how to find the right dildo for you and what factors to consider in making the right choice. This article is going to be your guide to making the best choice when you decide to purchase your very first dildo and change your sex game for the best.


Some people say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to choosing a dildo, size matters a lot. In fact, size could easily pass for the most important factor to consider when buying your first dildo. You wouldn’t want to invest all that money on a sex toy and just dump it somewhere because you feel it is too big for you or too small to provide the kind of pleasure you desire. The circumference and length of your dildo will play a major role in determining the sensation you get during its use, so it is vital that you take plenty of time to consider what size will fit into your vagina and not cause any discomfort or feel too tiny and annoying.

You can measure your partner’s penis or your fingers with a take to serve as a guide depending on what size you would prefer. If you decide to gift a dildo to your partner this holiday season and they are new to sex toys, make sure to stop for a moderately sized dildo that it’ll fit nicely and provide them with a good feeling.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a sex toy is the material it’s made of. All sex toy materials are created differently, and they provide different feels. Some sex toy materials will deteriorate very quickly while others will last long enough to be inherited by your grandchildren (just kidding). Below is a quick look at some of the most popular sex toy materials and their pros and cons.


Silicon is one of the most common materials used in the production of sex toys. Silicon is a very versatile material that is why dildos made from silicon can be hard, squishy, or soft depending on the product or brand you purchase. The surface texture of silicone dildos can also vary dramatically. Some sex toy manufacturers may decide to use silky silicone which had proved to the best if you need something that can glide easily during use. Some other manufacturers may use grabby silicon because it produces more friction and provides a massaging sensation.

One advantage of choosing a dildo produced with 100 per cent medical grade silicon is the idea totally safe for use because the material is non-porous and can easily be cleaned and sterilised after use. If you take care of your dildo as you should, the material should last for many years till you eventually decided to put it away and get a new one. The con of purchasing a silicone dildo is finding a genuine article. Many sex toy manufacturers claim their dildos are made from 100 per cent silicon, but most times you discover that they were made from a bleed of some other material and silicon altogether. If you have doubts about any of the products you find in a toy shop, stick to brands that are tested and trusted like the Fun Factory, Lelo, vixen creations, and Tantus.


Metal sounds like scary fun yes? It is one material you should consider carefully before purchasing. Ideally, if you are a lover of metal, you would want to search for a dildo made from medical grade stainless steel because you know the material is 100 per cent body safe and very durable. Another safe alternative is aluminium but still, you have to be very careful.

It is best to stay away from cheap metal dildos because most of them might get damaged easily. Metal dildos made from cheap material could easily corrode when exposed to moisture over time making them unsafe for use.

However, one of the pros of having a high-quality metal dildo is that you can try your hands on temperature play. You could introduce heat by putting the dildo in a bowl of hot water, and you can introduce a very cold sensation by putting it in a bowl of ice. Metal dildos tend to be quite heavy, but they are good for clitoral stimulation because they are usually firm. It is audio vital to bear in mind that good quality metal dildos are more expensive than dildos made from other products so you might to consider your pocket well before you embark on such an investment.


For some reason, I never would have thought of glass if I was privileged to have my own sex toy company. Someone somewhere thought it would be sexy to have a glass dildo slide inside of them and then invented it. A lot of people have testified to the fact that glass dildos are worth every penny they spent on purchasing them, and I’m not about to argue. The best quality of glass dildo must be made from borosilicate glass (like Pyrex) because it is far more durable than the regular glass. Because borosilicate glass is more resistant to extreme temperature change and stress, the chances that it would break during use is very low. Another good thing about borosilicate glass is that if it does break from falling from a height, it won’t break into splinter but chunks.

The pros of owning a glass dildo are almost the same as those of owning a metal dildo, but there are some significant differences. A major difference is that it is cheaper to purchase a glass dildo than a metal one and glass is less weighty than metal. Glass dildo is also great for temperature play just like metal dildos, but they are less durable than metal if you mistreat them. If ever you mistakingly drop your glass dildo unto a hard surface, check it properly for cracks and damages before you use it again.


OK, this may be new to you as our was to me a few months ago, but since we have been able to learn about how we can safely use a glass dildo, a wooden one wouldn’t be bad also to try. If you are worried about splinters, you can relax your nerves because quality wooden dildos are made from healthy wood and sanded until smooth before they are coated in varnish which makes it easy for them to glide over your skin like glass or metal. A con however is that the quality of varnish used differ from producer to producer. While since may flake with time, others may remain as good as new till you decide to throw them away. It is best to stick to names that are tested and trusted like Nobessence.

Because wooden dildos are made from natural materials, they tend to suffer in weight and colour depending on the wood used. Every single wooden dildo produced is unique and they are also ideal for G-SPOT play as they are firm just like metal dildos. Why some people do not consider investing in a wooden dildo is that they are usually very expensive just like metal, but it is fair considering that all wooden dildos are handmade from start to finish.


A stone dildo is just about the weirdest thing anyone could think of, but to the amazement of everyone, scientists discovered a 28,000-year-old stone dildo. While it is uncommon, it is very possible to get a stone dildo. Laid is the name of a company that has created some really nice samples of these sweethearts. Stone dildos are mostly polished instead of vanished, but very little information is advisable about the porosity of the materials used.

Stone dildos can be very weighty just like glass and metal dildos, and it is also possible to break your stone dildo if you drop it from a high place.


The TPR/TPE is a material made from plastic and rubber that is very flexible. Dildos made from TPR/TPE very in flexibility and firmness depending on the brand. Because of how cheap it is to manufacture this material, dildos made from TPR/TPE are one of the cheapest you can find in stores.

TPR/TPE dildos are free from phthalate most of the time, but the material is a very porous one thus if you are in doubt, use a condom.


I love dildos made from jelly because they are usually soft and interesting squishy when you touch them which makes it almost feel like the real deal. Jelly dildos are very affordable because they are made from inexpensive materials such as rubber and PVC. The con, however, is that is material is porous and can lead to some skin irritation during use, so durability is a problem. A silicone dildo is a better option if you can afford one, otherwise, make use of a condom.


If you are looking for a dildo that can do everything you want, then you just might have to invent it yourself because there’s almost no such thing as that kind of dildo. Take for instance, while a soft dildo might give you a realistic feel, it might not be firm enough to provide you with adequate G-SPOT stimulation. This is the reason why you have to decide what exactly it is that you want to achieve with your new dildo. Is it G-SPOT stimulation you want or do you want a more realistic feel during penetration? Where do you want to use your new dildo? Is it anally, vaginally, with a harness, or on your partner?

Consider these factors before choosing a dildo


Most people would go for a straight dildo as it is best for stimulation and penetration. Also, make sure to avoid dramatic curves if the dildo you are choosing will be pushing your limits size wise. A curved dildo is a good choice of you is what you want is g-spot/prostate stimulation because the top of the curved dildo is more likely to put the right amount of pressure on those erogenous zones.


A firmer dildo is best if you want to target specific spots like the prostate or G-SPOT, but if you want something that would feel gentler and bend easily with your body movement, then a softer dildo is the way to go.


The overall look and colour of your dildo should be one of the last things to consider especially because the colour and pattern of the dildo have nothing to do with how it feels inside you. The only reason you might want to consider aesthetics is that some individuals do not like sex toys that look too real. It is best to choose an unrealistic design of your are purchasing a dildo as a present for someone.


You might want to say you don’t need one because of how wet you can be naturally. However, it is best to purchase a good quality lubricant with your first dildo. The reason for this is that those dildos that are made from softer materials such as silicon will not glide as easily as a penis would thus applying some lubricant help make things easier. The most versatile kind of lubricant is the water-based one, and it works well on any kind of sex toy material. Lubricants made from oil and silicone are nice, but they are not advisable as they can cause damage to sex toys made from porous materials. Materials like latex are not compatible with oil so you can’t use a condom when your lubricant is oil based

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