Reasons/Causes Why Your Vagina May Loosen Up

Reasons/Causes Why Your Vagina May Loosen Up

Reasons/Causes Why Your Vagina May Loosen Up 


Reasons/Causes Why Your Vagina May Loosen Up: The vagina is a solid elastic band that extends amid sex and bobs back after. In any case, in case you’re concerned that a lot of sex will change the extent of your vagina, at that point you need to drop those contemplation’s. The vagina is intended to be versatile and ready to grow sufficiently extensive for any penis size and for labor.


There are a couple of changes that happen in the lady’s vagina amid excitement and sex that courses it to grow. Amid excitement, there is an expansion in blood stream to the vagina zone this gives oil to the rugae.

The rugae will then relax and unfold the walls creating space for accommodating the male penis. And since the world’s largest penis cannot be compared to the size of a baby, sex alone cannot stretch out your vagina permanently.

Although the very first time you have sex might come with size change for the vagina, this is because the hymen which is the band of tissue will break. It might lead to mild bleeding or feel like there’s a small tear down there and this causes the vagina opening to increase in size a little.

Reasons Why Your Vagina May Loosen Up

There are two major times when your vagina can lose its shape for a longer period of time before it bounces back. They are;

After childbirth
When a woman gets older

After Childbirth:
During childbirth, the vagina stretches wide to allow the child pass through, and this causes the vagina to be loosed, but it takes about six months for the vagina to bounce back to its normal shape after childbirth.

When a woman gets older:

When a woman starts ageing, their hormone level drops and the vagina wall thin out and becomes less elastic. This may cause the muscles to be looser.

Tips To Get The Vagina Tight

To help the vagina keep its shape, there are a few tips on how to help the vagina bounce back.

Lubrication is very important especially for a woman whose body does not produce enough lubrication for comfortable intercourse. This could be caused by a number of things including hormone levels and age. It is very important to always have adequate lubrication to help the rugae relax and expand to accommodate the male and to avoid irritation during intercourse.

Applying non-water-based lubricants or natural alternatives like extra virgin coconut oil will help to supplement your body’s natural lubrication.

Kegel Exercise:

It is normal for women to feel not as tight as usual immediately after intercourse because the vagina stretches to accommodate the male’s penis. But will return to its pre-intercourse tightness within few hours.

But when it comes to vagina tightness, it is not usually the vagina that has a problem but the pelvic floor muscle that forms a girdle around the pelvic area that affects the vagina tightness most of all. Kegel exercise involving squeezing and releasing of the pelvic floor muscle is very effective when practised regularly.

While there is vaginoplasty, the cost risks and associated side effects have made it a no-go area for many. To be sincere, where would you want a surgery for something that is not even a problem?

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