5 Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Pants During Pregnancy

5 Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Pants During Pregnancy

5 Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Pants During Pregnancy


5 Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Pants During Pregnancy: Ladies are always advised to avoid wearing trousers during pregnancy. Pregnancy period is a challenging time for women when it comes to choosing what to wear. It is during this time when they experience changes in body physically, biologically and emotionally. It is a delicate period in which the woman should take special care of herself and the coming baby. She should pay special attention to so many things including diet, physical wellbeing and her general health. The type of clothing a lady puts on during pregnancy matters a lot. As much as ladies should remain stylish even when pregnant, the kind of dressing if not chosen carefully, may affect the well-being of the developing baby. Below are some of the reasons why trousers may not be good for pregnant women;


Restricts blood flow in the body.


During pregnancy, the blood volume automatically increases in the body so as to supply both the mother and the growing baby. The blood flow should therefore not be restricted by anything to ensure the health of the baby as well as that of the mother. Wearing tight trousers may inhibit the blood flow and is the reason why expectant mothers are advised against.


It is uncomfortable.


An expectant mother gains weight as time goes by. This is because the foetus growth progresses with time towards delivery. Tight trousers become a bit uncomfortable for the mother as well as the baby because of the pressure in the lower abdomen. Free size clothing is encouraged so as to allow free movement and unrestricted growth of the foetus. May cause deformities to the unborn baby.


Wearing inelastic trousers during pregnancy could cause birth defects to the baby, not sure but so it is believed! If you keep zipping your pants at a regular position especially the upper abdomen, it becomes so uncomfortable and worse to the baby.

Tight trousers can cause digestion problems. Wearing tight trousers when expectant can restrict abdominal muscles causing digestive discomfort. The pregnancy conditions such as morning sickness and heartburns become worse as a result of the constricted digestive tract and the abdomen at large.


Tight trousers can cause bacterial/fungal infection in the private area.


To anyone, tight pants can lead to the breeding of harmful bacteria or fungi on the private area. This results in bacterial vaginitis or yeast infections on the expectant mother and could affect the baby negatively.it could be detrimental if left untreated and may even lead to pregnancy complications such as pre-term labour, caesarean section and /or neonatal death. Whereas some argue that there is no big deal in putting on pants during pregnancy, it is good to be aware of the bad effects brought about especially if they are tight. I am sure every woman would want a successful pregnancy which requires self-commitment and some sacrifices which may include leaving the trousers and other tight clothing in the wardrobe for a while.

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