What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Did you catch up on your sleep last weekend? Well, if you did, kudos to you! And if you didn’t,it’s understandable. Almost everyone has been there, that moment you keep tossing and turning on your bed, beckoning on sleep. Even though it’s way past bedtime, you just can’t fall asleep. Next thing you know,it’s already […]

Is Depression Caused By Stress?

Mental health is very important in this part of our world where a lot of things are happening on a daily basis.A lot of people resort to committing suicide as a way of ending their problems. But then,is the problem really ended? or it’s just a way to avoid the problem.Well,we shall talk about suicide […]

Why Are More Men Coming Down With Low Sperm Count?

A man is clinically diagnosed with low sperm count when he has fewer than 15 million sperm per millitre of semen,according to the NHS.It is medically known as Oligozoospermia. It is the leading cause of male infertility all over the world. On a normal, it only takes a sperm to fertilise an egg,but the probability […]


When you squeeze into a waist trainer, your stomach, lungs, liver, kidney and other organs are pushed into unnatural positions and may be to crowded to function well. It can also crack your ribs. Your digestive system is also affected giving you acid reflux (heartburn). Your organs are also pushed upward, reducing lung capacity, depriving […]